Nefertiti – Who was she really ?


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Historians and Egyptologists state Nefertiti was the Queen and wife of a ” Pharaoh” named Akhenaton reigning Egypt approx. 3300 years ago. According to Egyptologists there is not much known about her, outside of being the first wife of a man called the Sun King.

Akhenaton is said to’ve founded monotheism, worshipping only one God, namely the sun, thus they were referred to as “sun worshippers”. Eventually his wife Nefertit is said to’ve disappeared and her name removed from inscriptions and the like, not be heard of again until her bust is said to’ve been found in the early 20th century by a German Egyptologist.

That may well all be the case, but no one knows the truth for sure. Egyptology is, after all, not a science – it’s a study of theories, with new theories evolving every day.

There is so much pointing into a very different direction as to who Nefertiti really was and where she may’ve come from, thus i wish to present a new theory, taking codes into consideration used since ancient days and all of what science, languages, artifacts and history have to offer.

With this 5 segment thesis i am not insisting it is the truth, rather am suggesting it as ” possibility” to be taken into consideration.


The Bust

The Eye

Ancient Codes and Artifacts



Zigeuner – The untold Story


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The word “Zigeuner”,( pronounced,”Tsee-goy-nur”), of German origin, is according to dictionaries a derogatory term, due to either misinterpretations, or a “mishap”, and said to be synonymous with traveling folks who steal, engage in superstitions, fortune tellings, palm readings,etc.

Whatever you may’ve heard or read about Zigeuner, i herewith wish to present a different story, based on facts regarding the history of Zigeuner. With the following article (Zigeuner, see link below) i wish to rectify a terrible wrong done to a most exemplary people.

* Zigeuner


The Truth about Gypsies


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Historians, Authors of Books, the Media, even dictionaries state Gypsies are a sort of vagabonds, and in some explanation they’re said to have been native to Egypt, from which the name Gypsies is said to’ve derived.

Zigeuner, a German word, is said to be synonymous with Gyspies; and Roma, Sinti, Pavee, Dom, Cave’, Gamin, Irish travelers, as well as the Rotwelsh and the Jenish people are said to be synonymous with Gypsies, too.

Everyone has free will and can believe whatever one chooses to believe, but since the aforementioned theories appear flawed, not taking historic facts, as well as etymological roots, cultural traditions, scriptures, languages, etc. into account, i wish to present a different thesis, ( Gypsies, see link below) to be taken into consideration, because misinterpretations have the ability to reflect badly on good people – something that need be avoided at all times.

* Gypsies